About Mondays

Mondays Gym Towel Collection

Mondays are hard enough without losing your keys at the gym, so we've designed a gym towel that will do more than just keep you dry!

The zipped pockets are large enough to safely stash your smartphone, keys, and credit cards.

They're made of super absorbent, highly durable microfiber, meaning your towel will last and retain its colour even with regular washing.

Available in four stunning colours, these sophisticated towels are a must-have for every gym-goer.

Bringing Enjoyment to Everyday Things

Mondays mission is all about adding a unique, functional spin to everyday items. We design and manufacture products that you want to use every day, and that are enjoyable to use. 

Our Sustainable Packaging

Our items are packaged in a reusable bag free of BPA, heavy metals or other toxic substances and sent to you in biodegradable courier bags.

Our products are incredibly high quality, so we don't need to make them look fancier with wasteful packaging!  

Manufactured in New Zealand

Mondays products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand from local and imported materials. We support local business wherever we can. 

Nurturing Conscious Consumers

We think it's good practice to buy less stuff, and buy things that last. That's why our products are super durable, high quality, and look good for a long time.